Trance Music, Definition & Why does it makes us feel high?

15 09 2009

I cannot begin to describe how much i love trance music, it makes me feel very ecstatic! Amazing! And i know i am not the only one who feels like that.
Today, i am gonna explain to you how to listen to trance music, what is the general view of people towards trance music, what makes trance music how it is. Plus more, but i can’t think of anything now. so lets start, shall we?


I really hate it when people hear the word trance and immediately their minds go to Techno or electronic, I love techno and electronic! But they are different! Some people just don’t have the open-mindedness to listen to trance music.
Some people criticize trance music as “repetitive”, yeah. Trance music IS repetitive, trance artists uses that technique simply to make the listener relax, its the same technique used in lullabies for babies, the repetitive rhythms makes us relax, now what is different in trance music, is that after it puts you in that state of relaxation or “ A State of Trance” its repetition changes suddenly, making us suddenly wake from that state, which it turn produces a very very nice feeling, accompanied with a huge release of endorphins, that is also some of the reason that trance music is usually longer than the normal music, usually 6+ minutes. To make you achieve that deep state of relaxation, Please feel free to ask questions and i will surely answer you.

The people who hate trance didn’t give it a chance, I don’t want them to feel angry or that i hate them. But they really didn’t give trance music a chance, I am open-minded to all kinds of music, and i listen to almost every style. I will explain how to listen to trance music, (based on my opinion).


First of all, the happy feeling is created when lots of endorphins are released in own body, now… now how they do it, trance producers use simple techniques to makes us feel the way we feel.

–        Repetition

  • I know its lame, but trance artists use, repeating melodies and drumloops to give us a sense of stability, safety; like how lullabies do for babies. And by changing that repetition (“usually the drumloop”) we get a sense of awakening, refreshment and highness.

–        Melodies

  • Yes, trance is melodic! Not always, but is usually. Melodies, for example I can’t forget the track 2 Million Ways by C-MOS, it had an amazing melody, or even Elements of Life, and also Dust in the Wind – Arnej

–        Vocals

  • Vocalists used in trance are usually (well actually mostly) females with extremely clear voices, serenading voices. Sometimes vocals are dropped and chopped, which provide another kind of sensation, what I mean by that is vocals are used as an instrument, an awesome track that provides the means of that is Tuvan – Gaia, an awesome track!

–        Spatial Effects

  • As what most grand DJs state prior to their music, “we will visit another dimension” or “go to another world”, they have actually worked hard to achieve these effects, by making sound feel, far away, or so close up near, or even shifting sounds from right to left, they try to manipulate your mind to make you visualize sound in a 3D spectrum, and gating (“cutting off or lower the volume”) some instruments, or even simply adding some sort of effects (“phasers, flangers, pan-shifters”). These effects combined will make you feel that the music is shifting, the instruments are alive, you are away, in another dimension.

–        Visual Effects

  • If you ever attended a trance concert by a grand DJ, you will notice that they have professional visual tools, and they hire pros to attend them. They lasers provide a sense of greatness, and aid very much in the Spatial effects mentioned above, especially when they are manned by pros, some djs even control their visuals while djing, which I think is a little bit hard, but the results are superb, since the dj, knows the song and the breaks and stuff.
  • Fires and water and other real effects, are amazing specially when used with a track that really match, and to be honest, the best fire and water dances you will ever see is with DJ Tiesto’s Elements of Life Album, a great album that was.
  • Dancers; they not only provide erotic sensations, but some professional dancers know when to slow down, when to shift their bodies…

I’d recommend you’d go visit a professionally and spend-on trance concert, go to Above and Beyond’s, Armin Van Buuren’s, Markus Schulz, Cosmic Gate, and Tiesto’s Concerts

They are professionals and have been in the business for years, and they spend a lot of money and planning to provide you with awesome concerts.

In the end all these elements combined, provide such sensation that you will rarely find in other music.


trance music can be heard anywhere anytime but there are some ways that we could really get the true sensation of trance.
Go into a room, preferably large, place some giant speakers around the corners of that room, the higher and clearer the better (beware don’t go Concert Loud). If it were me? I would get some chocolates and a hot girl, a sweet smelling cinnamon candle. So i would really suggest that you bring all your favorite stuff, stuff that makes you relax and feel high (Please don’t use drugs, trance is a drug of its own). After you place all that in your room, find a chair that relaxes you, that is if you want to sit, or find your self a place to dance, close all light! Lets make that room as dark as possible (so your mind can just wander around and create visuals of its own!), and crank up the volume, and most importantly, let yourself go and LIVE in the music!

i will update this post as much as possible, please link me, share this post with all your friends,
Keep the Trance Community Alive!




16 responses

8 10 2009

Very Cool 🙂

20 10 2009
Takek Jumah

Nice Blog ! keep it up .. teach people you’re way of life 😛

2 01 2010

Yeah man. Thats correct. Trance sometimes doesnt need much focusing. You have to FEEL it. Then when you close your eyes, its like dreaming while you’re awake. You let your mind take you wherever you drift away with, you’re not even thinking of what to dream or to see in your unconsious dream. Its like a tidal wave of relaxing chemicals in your nerves that it relaxes you. You just completely lose track of everything around you in the conscious world. You’re so engrossed with the feeling while being swept away by the beats and the theme and the epic feel of it. Its like having a good burning non sexual orgasmic feeling around your middle body part which lasts for the whole track of the trance. then once the track is finished you really feel refreshed and super relaxed you might even think “ah ang sarap”. As in ang sarap ng feeling. Your jaw drops and just cannot believe what you’ve felt.

2 01 2010

you are exactly right! awesome

5 02 2010

Why can’t there be more people you!!! Trance deservers more praise and should be a standard in all 4 corners of the world!!!

23 03 2010

If trance was a drug, I would like to try it 😀 loool I really like that, keep it up…you taught me something new about trance, as I am one of those people that you said (you hate them because of their poor knowledge about trance) because my experience with trance is very boring.

16 12 2010

great blog! i’m actually writing a master thesis about electronic dance music and how the musical and contextual elements make us totally absorbed, give us a trance-like experience and make us give less priority to the time passing 🙂

so what you’re mentioning here is much of the same things that I write about!

16 12 2010

thank you very much! i would like to see ur paper

30 01 2011

Thank you for your very nice blog, and very true.
I enjoyed reading it very much, and as a “trance-addicted” 🙂 how interesting you’ve explained the truth of this amazing music!

Also indeed absolutely “some just don’t have the open-mindedness to listen to trance music”, not everyone are able to feel it this way!

6 01 2012

Amazing article

11 10 2012

A substitute for Wikipedia when it comes to
The topic ” TRANCE ” ;))

Keep blogging amigo

Looking forward to it !!!!

19 11 2012

19 11 2012

2 06 2013

No need for drugs, no need for speakers. Some times even a pair of headphones will do the work. It’s the state of the mind that changes how the music is perceived.

Listen to trance. In the middle of the night. Or before sleeping, or try to wake up early and listen to your favorite track. I guarantee you that it will be different.

17 07 2013
Jacob Warren

Hi I have been listening to trance music for 10 plus years now and I just love it and how it makes me feel I’m currently listening to Armin Van Buuren Intense album

18 08 2013

Bring on the ravers, reach for the lazers

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